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Do you need trendy yet affordable outdoor gym equipment for your condominium or any other outdoor projects? Whether its water aerobics, cardio, or even strength training, Reflex-o offers a wide range of outdoor equipment to choose from. Read more about it below.
Aqquatix is an Italian based fitness brand that offers colourful cardio equipment to make one's swimming pool more vibrant. Materials are water-resistant and equipment is held down by suction cups and/or it can be drilled down for extra security. It can also be used in medical rehabilitation. Let users get their heart pumping without the sweat!

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All the way from New Zealand, Gymguru offers outdoor cardio equipment that can be used by anyone of all ages. Their products are built to save space yet it provides all that is needed for a full-body workout. Its sleek design provides an overall professional look within its environment. Their upper body equipment is wheelchair friendly.

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Street Barbell is a outdoor trainer with a patented variable loading weight system, focused on power and physical endurance.  All their equipment has a similar family look and each equipment targets different muscle groups. Street Barbell also can be used by wheelchair-bound users, which is from the Streetbarbell+ Line.

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