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Saunas have been used worldwide throughout history for its health benefits. Sweating has been proven effective in flushing toxins and disease out of the system while maintaining the optimum health of the body. According to Net Studies, the benefits of sauna therapy includes detoxification, anti-viral activity, weight loss, pain relief, sinus relief, improved circulation, relaxation, and skin conditioning. Sweating naturally or through the use of a sauna is a great way to help keep the body in good health! Experience Sauna with TYLOHELO now!
                                            Electrical Sauna Stove                                         
Ready at functionality. Set the time & desired temperature you want your sauna to be.
Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.
Split output functionality. Careful automatic temperature monitoring. 
Reduces power output at 
optimum temperature.
Extremely fast heating times.
 Complete your bathroom with TYLOHelo Steam Generator Package  
Volume Capacity through room dimension WxDxH
Pick a compatible Generator for your bathroom.
• Pick a control panel for your generator.
Finish off by picking Sleek Designed Outlet Valve cover for your fragrance and look.
           Enjoy the Steam experience with our pre-fab Panacea steam room         
 Stylish and Hassle-free.
Pick the pre-fab room sizes applicable to your available space.
• Pick a steam generator and Control Panel.
Assemble and you are all set to experience steam!
              TYLOHelo Steam Column TX (Cabin Impression 110C)              
Turns your shower into a steam room.
Choose from three different models to suit your needs perfectly.
Use the prefab custom elements to turn your cold shower into a steam room.
                   TYLOHelo Steam Column TX (Cabin Impression 170)            
Sleek, Modern and Compatible to any interior design.
                        Can't decide? Why not best of both worlds?                      
Minimalist Compact Pre-Fab Steam Room Cabin and Sauna Room Cabin to choose from, for Small Sauna Room and Steam Room Design Option.
                                            Infrared Sauna Panels                                          
Installs in an existing traditional sauna room
Two sauna types in one room. Enjoy separately or simultaneously
Infrared sauna goes deeper into your muscles and tissues.

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