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Ledgewall Modules

LedgeWall Modules are made just for this. Bouldering structures are low (up to 10 feet high) climbing walls with lots of interesting corners, overhangs and roofs. They can even include a climbing 'cave' for all-out training.



Fusing the best of treadwall climbing with the simplicity of ladder climbing, Laddermill allows workouts of all intensity with a simple adjustment of its inclination.


Treadwall M4

Being able to fit into the smallest of spaces and tightest of budgets, the Treadwall M4 allows climbing of all variations at your convenience.

Treadwall M6

The M6 Treadwall is based on 20 years of design and research into the rotating climbing wall. The newest incarnation of our original product has every feature that we could stuff in, including legendary durability.

Home Walls


The Boulderboard is the first collapsible freestanding climbing wall designed for use in apartments and homes. With the Boulderboard you don't have to do without a hangboard because you don't want to lose your security deposit.



WingWall's bring the fun and challenge of scrambling horizontally over boulders to your playground. Standing at six and half feet tall and eight feet wide, the WingWall is designed for kids ages 5 to 12 with simplicity and Safety in mind.