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Functional Trainers

FT-300 Functional Trainer

The FT-300 features the same high quality commercial construction and modern styling as the XFT-300 but without the Extreme Swing Arms.

PFT-200A-NA Functional Trainer

The compact and efficient 2-stack PFT-200A provides a virtually unlimited number of functional exercises ideal for fitness training, sport-specific conditioning, and rehabilitation.

XFT-100 Extreme Functional Trainer

Rotating vertical adjustment columns and multi-position Extreme Swing Arms allow unrestricted movement in multiple planes making the value engineered XFT-100 the ideal tool for sports performance, athletic conditioning, and fitness training in any facility where space and budget are limited.

XFT-300 Extreme

Featuring vertical adjustment columns and multi-position Extreme Swing Arms, the Paramount XFT-300 Extreme Functional Trainer allows unrestricted movements in multiple planes.

XFT-500 Zone Functional Trainer

Designed for those facilities looking to maximize both training and storage opportunities in their Zone.

XFT-600 Zone Functional Trainer

The perfect solution for those facilities with limited space.

XFT-700 Zone Functional Trainer

The same training capacity of the XFT-500 but without Center Frame Storage.