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Ambiente Sauna

Most massive log saunas are made of solid planks laid horizontally. AMBIENTE turns that idea on its head by positioning the solid planks vertically.

Casa Sauna

CASA is a top quality massive log sauna that combines handsome, well-crafted features with the luxurious relaxation of soft-climate sauna.

Comfort Sauna

Everything about COMFORT sauna cabins says welcome. Its golden interior is a constant invitation, promising genuine warmth and coziness through the dual-wall glass paneling.

Cube Sauna

The CUBE sauna cabin brings a mix of modern material to traditional sauna comfort. Glass and stainless steel offer a modern design aesthetic to the exterior.

Cupreme Sauna

Designed to provide individual pockets of temperature preference, CUPREME’s aspen interior is perfect for enjoying the gentlest sauna climate possible with no bracing temperature changes.

Finesse Sauna

FINESSE is a high concept series of sauna cabins emphasizing quality design and precision craftwork. The spruce used is tough —making it ideal for withstanding high temperatures.


Exceptional design elements give a unique look to the LÉGER, which is the perfect addition to your exclusive home or pool area.

Mocca Sauna

Be enchanted by the beautiful MOCCA sauna cabin that will awaken all of your senses with its mix of light pine and dark thermo-treated beech.

Multi norm Sauna

MULTI NORM offers you an incredibly flexible set of sizing options in an attractive, pre-configured design palette based on genuine Nordic spruce.

Spring Sauna

SPRING offers an ideal combination of sensibility and modern design. Sleek, light and multi-textured, SPRING materials complement almost any modern decor.

Supreme Sauna

SUPREME truly lives up to its name. Available in a wide range of configurations and sizing options, SUPREME makes it easy to plan a personal oasis for the senses.

Vario Concept Sauna

VARIO CONCEPT is the most flexible sauna system. It offers more than 360 different sauna-sizing options, and is purpose-designed to be adaptable to special areas and room shapes.

Helo Deco - Seaside

The Seaside bench line is designed for everyone who desires luxury. The living room-like ambiance offers fantastic surroundings for a leisurely sauna bath at home and lends itself perfectly to corporate hospitality purposes.


Comfort Infrared Sauna

Comfort lives up to its name—it’s all complemented by a powerful heating system that sets the ideal conditions for relaxation within seconds.

Cube Infrared Sauna

Cube one of the latest adaptations of genuine infrared sauna comfort - designed to enhance and complement the decor of your home.

HSI10 Infrared Sauna

Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 100 has a footprint of only 9 sq. ft., fitting even into a walk-in closet.

HSI20 Infrared Sauna

With its ultra low energy consumption yet effective, multi-directional infrared generation, HSI 20 is a perfect environment to soothe alone in generous warmth or share the experience with a friend or family member.

HSI30 Infrared Sauna

HSI 30 makes excellent use of a spare corner or space, delivering instant waves of genuine infrared warmth any time you like.

HSI40 Infrared Sauna

With its extra depth and accommodating u-shape interior, HSI 40 offers an exclusively roomy opportunity to relax and unwind.

HSI70 Infrared Sauna

HSI 70 is specially adapted as a corner unit, making the most of the space you have.

HSI80 Infrared Sauna

The HSI 80 is a neo-angled beauty. A three-sided front with large panoramic windows makes this as beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy the soft heat inside.


Cava Bath Stove

Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design, and offers excellent bathing atmosphere.

Cup Bath Stove

These compact wall mounted heaters are easy to assemble and easy to use with built-in timer and thermostat or with separate control unit.

Fonda Bath Stove

The FONDA traditional series is a smart option for fans of Finnish sauna thanks to its large 20 kg rock compartment and powerful output.

Fonda Duo Bath Stove

Pamper yourself with the Fonda Duo by infusing steam with aromas that provide a variety of proven healthful effects—simply add a few drops of aromatic oil into the tray.

Fusion Bath Stove

Fusion sauna heater offers the luxury of both dry and hot or soft and steamy sauna climates with its in-built automated temperature and humidity controller.

Havanna Bath Stove

An eye-catching bath stove, the Havanna is wall mounted, for thrifty use of sauna room space, but can also be mounted to the floor with an optional floor stand.

Himalaya Bath Stove

The Himalaya conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna cabin while the heater is warming the room.

Junior Bath Stove

Helo Junior is a modern, slim line sauna heater for small saunas. The digital control panel is installed outside the sauna room and is easy to use.

Mini SA Bath Stove

Helo Mini SA sauna heater provides traditional everyday-type sauna bath with a considerably large quantity of rocks (10 kg).

Octa Bath Stove

The Octa heater is based on traditional technology. This heater is ideal for saunas of all shapes, and can even be placed in the middle of a sauna.

Pikkutonttu Bath Stove

Designed by renowned Finnish designer, Ristomatti Ratia, the Pikkutonttu harmoniously combines form and function. The super-insulated shell keeps heat-up time similar to a traditional heater.

Ringo Bath Stove

The Ringo is easy to install and a pleasure to use. It is a floor-standing heater with adjustable feet to ensure it stands level.

Ring Wall Bath Stove

The new Helo Ring Wall is an impressive natural stone heater, well suited for family-sized or even small residential saunas. Wall mounted, it’s a real space saver.

Rocher Bath Stove

100 kg of sauna stones are held in a brushed steel brazier of the Rocher. The stones surround full length heating elements with the heat radiating in all directions.

Rondo Bath Stove

The Rondo’s heater is round and the patented lid turns 360 degrees, which gives you totally new possibilities to design your sauna interior.

Roxx Bath Stove

Roxx unites modern industrial design with a large amount of natural stone. This impressive brushed steel design heater produces enjoyable soft-heated steam.

Saga Electro Bath Stove

Helo Saga Electro is a spectacular new heater for large domestic saunas or for commercial use in hotels, health clubs, wellness centres and spas.

Saunatonttu Bath Stove

Incorporating several patented features and superb European design; the Saunatonttu is truly the "Best sauna heater in the world".

Seidankivi Bath Stove

Soapstoned covered Octa heater, named as Helo Seidankivi, represents the state-of-art technology and design for the most exclusive commercial or club saunas.

SKLA Magma Bath Stove

Helo SKLA Magma for big, commercial saunas, which require durable, powerful and cost efficient heaters with rich steam and pleasant sauna atmosphere.

SKLE/Laava Bath Stove

Freestanding Helo SKLE Laava heaters have been the standard of the industry for more than 25 years. Designed for large, commercial-sized sauna rooms, use with separate control unit.

Softhot Bath Stove

Helo Softhot heater provides bathers with modern design and the possibility to adapt the heater to bathing preferences.

Taika Bath Stove

The Taika is the perfect addition to your stylish sauna cabin, giving it a magical touch and turning an ordinary experience into something enchanting.

Vienna Bath Stove

The stove is easy to install and pleasant to use – and as it is mounted on the wall, the heater never takes up extra space. Comes in several colors to match your room.


Helo T1

The T1 has a new design with glass front and touch control. It connects to low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room. The display shows time, temperature and on/off, with settings for time preset, on-time and temperature (max. 23 hours operating time).

Helo M2

The Midi connects with low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room. It has a built-in temperature sensor to be used when Midi is installed inside the steam room. It’s also possible to connect an external temperature sensor if the Midi is installed outside the steam room.

Auto-clean kit

Automatically drains water tank after every use, reducing limescale and minimising downtime for service. Includes connecting cable. Easy installation

High-Pressure Valve

Secure and reliable. Pre-installed and highlighted in red for maximum visibility.

Light unit

Ceramic with frosted bulb glass cover.

Steam outlet

The steam outlets are positioned throughout the cabin to provide effective distribution of steam. For all steam cabins, we can design and install an exterior design fitted with additional devices (e.g. essence pump). You can also choose an integrated cleaning system (as an option) for the outlets. The system can be upgraded at any time.

Steam bath doors

In aluminium profile with special sealing, 8-ESG Glass alternatively in tinted glass available for private (with threshold) or commercial (without threshold) environment.

Water Bowl

Frosted glacier green acryl (satin) Ø 320 mm. A fibre passing under the seat is connected to the reflector installed at the desired point below the water bowl. The installation opening is 285 mm in diameter and 180 mm deep.

Aroma/Infusion Pot

To be installed above the heater, place some aroma-infused liquid into the pot and let its scent diffuse and calm your senses.

Steam Generator


The generator automatically prevents overheating and dry running, should there be an interruption to the water supply, protecting your investment.


HNS-T1 steam generator is based on the newest available technology and set a whole new level for user interface and reliability. Touch buttoned and glass surfaced control panel has unique functions such as proximity sensor, service reminder and multilingual user interface with its 7 languages.

Steam Cabins


A luxurious, relaxing daily steam bath at home has never been easier with VAPE. A range of 55 individual models means almost any space can be converted into a personal wellness centre.

Hard foam cabins

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect home spa centre. Perhaps a unique steam cabin with a tunnel or dome roof. A creative bench layout and personal, one-of-a-kind colour styling. Why not go even further, adding infrared cabins, showers, whirlpool or sauna…