Comfort Infrared Sauna

Comfort lives up to its name—it’s all complemented by a powerful heating system that sets the ideal conditions for relaxation within seconds.

Cube Infrared Sauna

Cube one of the latest adaptations of genuine infrared sauna comfort - designed to enhance and complement the decor of your home.

HSI10 Infrared Sauna

Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 100 has a footprint of only 9 sq. ft., fitting even into a walk-in closet.

HSI20 Infrared Sauna

With its ultra low energy consumption yet effective, multi-directional infrared generation, HSI 20 is a perfect environment to soothe alone in generous warmth or share the experience with a friend or family member.

HSI30 Infrared Sauna

HSI 30 makes excellent use of a spare corner or space, delivering instant waves of genuine infrared warmth any time you like.

HSI40 Infrared Sauna

With its extra depth and accommodating u-shape interior, HSI 40 offers an exclusively roomy opportunity to relax and unwind.

HSI70 Infrared Sauna

HSI 70 is specially adapted as a corner unit, making the most of the space you have.

HSI80 Infrared Sauna

The HSI 80 is a neo-angled beauty. A three-sided front with large panoramic windows makes this as beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy the soft heat inside.