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Ambiente Sauna

Most massive log saunas are made of solid planks laid horizontally. AMBIENTE turns that idea on its head by positioning the solid planks vertically.

Casa Sauna

CASA is a top quality massive log sauna that combines handsome, well-crafted features with the luxurious relaxation of soft-climate sauna.

Comfort Sauna

Everything about COMFORT sauna cabins says welcome. Its golden interior is a constant invitation, promising genuine warmth and coziness through the dual-wall glass paneling.

Cube Sauna

The CUBE sauna cabin brings a mix of modern material to traditional sauna comfort. Glass and stainless steel offer a modern design aesthetic to the exterior.

Cupreme Sauna

Designed to provide individual pockets of temperature preference, CUPREME’s aspen interior is perfect for enjoying the gentlest sauna climate possible with no bracing temperature changes.

Finesse Sauna

FINESSE is a high concept series of sauna cabins emphasizing quality design and precision craftwork. The spruce used is tough —making it ideal for withstanding high temperatures.

Helo Deco - Seaside

The Seaside bench line is designed for everyone who desires luxury. The living room-like ambiance offers fantastic surroundings for a leisurely sauna bath at home and lends itself perfectly to corporate hospitality purposes.


Exceptional design elements give a unique look to the LÉGER, which is the perfect addition to your exclusive home or pool area.

Mocca Sauna

Be enchanted by the beautiful MOCCA sauna cabin that will awaken all of your senses with its mix of light pine and dark thermo-treated beech.

Multi norm Sauna

MULTI NORM offers you an incredibly flexible set of sizing options in an attractive, pre-configured design palette based on genuine Nordic spruce.

Spring Sauna

SPRING offers an ideal combination of sensibility and modern design. Sleek, light and multi-textured, SPRING materials complement almost any modern decor.

Supreme Sauna

SUPREME truly lives up to its name. Available in a wide range of configurations and sizing options, SUPREME makes it easy to plan a personal oasis for the senses.