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Actiroll Wave

The waved surface enables a more effective and pleasant massage effect. Due to a massage on the roll under use of your own body weight adhesions and tensions can be solved.

Actiroll Rumble

The Actiroll Rumble is used in fascia fitness, training, rehabilitation or in therapy.Using your own body weight to massage, adhesions and tensions can be solved. Your blood circulation can be improved.


The unique material makes the device highly flexible in application, not only for indoor training but also for outdoor training that helps in fascia fitness, training, rehabilitation or in therapy

Balance Block

Doing simple exercises while standing up can also work and train the muscles around the joints. Ideal as an additional resource for physiotherapy treatment on ankles, knees and hip joints.


This enables the user to train through the dynamic unstable surface and target the stabilizing muscle groups and joint protecting effects. In contrast to usual therapy boards the standing area is like floating supported suspension

Balanza Ballstep

The new Balanza for more stability and dynamics. With 4 balls below the wooden board it enables active people in every fitness level and age to step into sensori-motor function training

Blackroll Duoball

It is suitable especially for massage of back and neck musculature and fascial release. The stance between the two connected balls prevents hurting the backbone and the massage becomes even more effective.

Blackroll Set

With the Blackroll Mini you can connect the two Blackroll and create a long version of a regeneration tool for self massage. The physical tension can be relieved. Knots and adhesions can be detached. Also scar tissue can be reduced.

Dynair Ballcushion

it provide an unique opportunity to train both coordination and strength, on one or both legs, at the same time. Both in free-stance stabilization training and in training on devices such as the cable pull or leg press, the Dynair Ballkissen XXL is an excellent choice for improving movement sequences under exertion.

Dynair Walker Comfort

Dynair Walker Comfort can be filled with air and are easily adjustable by using the attached pump to reach different levels of instability. Ideal as additional training and therapy tool in motion training.

Dyair Wedge Ballkissen

For a strong and healthy back and a stable core. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. It can help to avoid pain in the intervertebral discs and strengthen the spinal muscles

Jumper Double

Used to improve balance, coordination and strength. You can use it in group and also personal training. Different positions and the both sides to use of the Jumper double create a huge variety of exercise progressions.

Jumper Pro

The Jumper Pro enable you to do balance, coordination and strengthen exercises in standing position in a physiological right way for your foot sole which enables a wider range of exercise possibilities.


With training it can improve the intensive effects in proprioception, sensorimotor functions, mobility and stability.

Medicine Ball

Latex-free weight balls. Slip-proof. For your training of stability, coordination and power more effectiveness is possible by using more tools together.

My Ball

Helps to strengthen the back, abdominal, leg and pelvic muscles. In addition this physio ball can also improve balance and can be utilized for spinal mobilization.

PAB- Pressure Air Biofeedback

It uses air to measure muscle strength. E.g. it proves to be valuable for rehabilitation after a knee surgery or a therapy after a stroke by measuring the strength of the a­cted muscle groups.

Physio Tower

Various elastic bands and tubes can be latched to this integrated wall attached solution.The athlete has a full freedom of movement and the option to set various heights and directions. The system can be used either with a single joint (for one band/tube) or a double joint (for two bands/tubes).

Powerball Abs

Use the Powerball ABS as a seatball and at the same time as an ideal whole body training device. Strengthen the abdominal, trunk and back muscles by a safe, effective and dynamic back and stability training. By sitting upright and moving, back pain can be avoided or mitigated.

Redondo Ball

It serves as an ideal Pilates partner, for pelvic floor exercises and abdominal workout as well as for massaging the neck and deep relaxation

Senso Balance Hedgehog

The variety of geometric shapes and bright colours is perfect for balance trails and to increase body awareness or coordination.

Theragym Loop

A resistant tool great for stretching, strengthening or conditioning. Ideal for travel. Available in 4 level.

Theragym Tube

Perfect for Functional Training providing comfort and durability for all your resistance workouts. Available in 4 different resistance grade.