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Health Fitness 2.0

Balance Trunk Health Fitness

The point of reference of our posture is the trunk. A correct control of the trunk significantly modifies our posture. Balance Trunk evaluates and selectively trains both the pelvic and thoracic area of the trunk.

Postural bench Health Fitness

Postural Bench evaluates and trains the tensions and symmetries of the rear chain simply and intuitively.

Prokin Health Fitness

As mentioned, posture is not only static but above all dynamic. The Pro-Kin system evaluates and trains our capacity of proprioceptive control both in monopodalic and bipodalic modes.

Stability Health Fitness

Evaluating the static Posture is the first step in the TecnoBody circuit. The system provides the presence on the ground of the Centre of Pressure of the subject, evaluating his/her balance and orthostatic symmetry.

The IsoFree

The IsoFree is a function training equipment that can assist any individual to have better posture and control when lifting weights.

The IsoLift

The Isolift is a modern piece of equipment that has no need for weight as load. All it requires is a simple touch on the touchscreen that will automatically adjust the resistance.

The IsoShift

The IsoShift a unique piece of health equipment from Tecno Body that aid in not only strength training and condition but to also evaluate your weak area group.

The Walker View

the Walker View has the function to simultaneously assess both Gait analysis and the movement of all body parts. Creating a avatar to mirror your every actions.