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Design Line

Panorama Sauna

The discreet soffit light bar illuminates down onto large, tinted panes of glass and horizontal tiger ash. The interior is clad in vertical aspen panels. The three or four levels of elegantly overlapping benches are also made of aspen.

Passion Sauna

Passion features a double ceiling with a light bar in the lower part, subtly illuminating the upper ceiling from below. Next to the heater is a beautiful slate wall and the door frame is made of espresso ash wood. The pattern of glass and wood on the front provides just the right amount of seclusion.

Sensation Sauna

The sloping rear wall saves energy and creates a gentle thermal breeze inside the room. The emphasis on natural materials inside the sauna is highlighted by the heat-treated espresso aspen on the rear wall, interior lining and other features. The benches are made of slightly lighter tiger ash and the exterior cladding has a high-gloss finish.

Simplicity Sauna

This stripped-down, cube-like sauna has a high-gloss lacquered exterior with seamlessly integrated lateral windows. The door is made of stylish tiger ash. The beautiful caulked aspen benches create a staircase look inside the sauna and the atmospheric lighting further heightens the feeling of novelty and innovation.