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Sauna Heaters

Combi Compact

Steam saunas are a variation on the traditional sauna concept that we can warmly recommend. The difference is that you enjoy a steam sauna at a lower temperature, but with much higher humidity (up to 70%).


Expression takes sauna heaters to a new level. With its sleek lines and Scandinavian design, Tylö’s sauna heater received the Red Dot Design Award, an international design award.

Expression Combi

Expression Combi takes sauna heaters to a new level. You can enjoy a relaxing steam sauna in Tylö’s sauna room with Expression Combi. The heater is black painted and stands on the floor with robust legs with automatic water supply.

Sense Combi

Sense Combi adds variation to your pleasure. It is a dry sauna, wet sauna or in clouds of soothing steam. The heater is equipped with stand-by mode and ”divided output” to ensure an energy efficient sauna experience. It also includes the sleek h2 control panel.

Sense Commercial 8/10/12 kW

Sense Sport

Sense Sport is a brand new sauna heater, combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylö. Sense’s quick and pleasant heat and precise temperature control will free all your senses. Control panel with thermostat and mechanical timer integrated into the base of the heater.


Over the years Tylö has pioneered numerous innovations to improve and develop the function, safety and enjoyment of sauna bathing. Sport/Compact heater for small sauna rooms. Stone compartment for use with Mini sauna stones.