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Sauna Heaters Pro

Megaline OC

The robust Megaline OC follows a proven tradition of excellence and can be installed in all kinds of saunas - even in the centre of your sauna if you want. Designed for saunas of 9 to 24 cubic metres and is available in 10,5, 12 and 15 kW output. The elegant H2 control panel and the WE14 relay box control all the sauna features.

Megaline SK

For saunas between 18 and 46 cubic metres.The SK heater is an outstanding choice for public saunas, where expectations for a pleasurable sauna experience are high. The heater are freestanding and have a robust design. Set-up is simple with the H2 control panel, which controls the sauna in conjunction with the WE14 relay box.

Sauna Heater SDK/SD

Sauna heater SDK/SD are installed inside the sauna room and operates via the same, shared control panel. The CC300T control panel offers the option of an energy-saving stand-by function during off-peak periods.