Cardio -Treadmills

A perennial favorite at gyms and homes, the treadmill provides good aerobic exercise for everyone of all age and fitness levels.

Cardio - Bikes

Having absolutely no learning curve, exercise bikes provides audience of all ages an easy and enjoyable way of keeping fit.

Cardio - Climbers/Steppers

Stair-climbing simulators that pose a great cardio workout experience! A machine blending both benefits from the low-impact stride of ellipticals and the calorie burn from incline training.

Cardio - Cross Trainers

On an elliptical, you can work not only your upper and lower body muscular endurance, but also on your cardiovascular fitness and core muscles all at the same time.

Cardio - Lateral Trainers

Unlike typical fitness machines, the lateral trainer works the body side to side, targeting all muscles around your legs, front and back.

Cardio - Rowers

Give yourself a real rowing experience with the closest rowing emulation– it’s like rowing on water.

Strength - Functional Trainers

Enjoy the best fusion of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment with our series of Cable/Functional Trainers.

Strength - Single-station

Engineered with superior mechanics that still keeps its ease of use, single-station strength equipment strikes the balance between versatility and space.

Strength - Accessories, Benches & Racks

Free Weight Strength Equipments ensures correct movements for a lift even when muscle fatigue sets in, preventing potential injuries from happening.

Strength - Gravity Systems

Using gravity, inclination and body mass as a form of resistance; inclined strength trainers are a great way to get your body toned safety and progressively.

Strength - Multi-station

Build up your strength with our series of multi-stations that allow variation in your work-out while keeping footprint to the minimum.

Strength - Abdominal Machines

Target, tighten and tone your abdominal muscles with the various abdominal machines that provide an enjoyable and easy exercise experience!

Strength - Eccentric Trainers

Eccentric strength training is done by having a machine that tilts a weight stack in the positive phase and then returning it to upright in the negative phase.

Strength - Plate Loaded

Athletes can load weights on each independent arm of a plate machine, allowing each limb to lift a different weight to achieve targeted training.

Strength - Suspension Training

Suspension training involves a form of body weight support anchored to a sturdy point with the use of ropes or straps. This trains core stability, limb strength, balance and coordination.

Outdoor-Fitness Stations

Outdoor health stations enhance communities and create equal opportunity for all members of public to participate in healthy activity.

Specialty - Aqua Fitness

Bring your workout to a pool and make exercising fun and relaxing! Aqua exercises are also great for anyone receiving orthopedic and rehabilitative treatment.

Evaluative Fitness

Working out with unbiased feedback can never be easier with the use of technology - digitally quantifiable reports.

Specialty - Boxing

Boxing equipment provides a good cardio workout for the entire body; allowing the toning of muscles, weight loss, increased agility and body coordination.

Specailty - Rope Climbers

Based upon the simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing without the high-risks of the actual activity, individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from the workout safely and comfortably.

Specialty - Endless Ladders

Climb endlessly on a ladder in safety, working your coordination on all limbs and improving your cardiovascular stamina all at the same time.

Specialty - Interactive Fitness

Keep in shape while enjoying the process of it with our Interactive Fitness Machines!

Specialty - Rock Climbers

Imagine an endless Rock climb!

Specialty - Hygiene Products

Keeping fit requires a lot of effort and perspiration. Keep you and your workout environment clean with our range of personal care products!

Specialty - Vibration Machines

Tone and define muscles faster with a vibration machine! Vibrations transmit energy to your body, forcing the rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles in the body.

Physiotherapy/Active Aging

A range of machines we carry designed for physiotherapy purposes and easy exercises for the active aged.


Specialty - Entertainment

Enjoy entertainment on-the-go whilst working out! Keep yourself motivated to go the extra mile!

Sauna - Cabins

The healing benefits of sauna and steam have been known by cultures around the world for at least a thousand years. It soothes and detoxifies aching bodies as well as relieve muscle and joint aches.

Sauna - Infrared Cabins

Suitable for use before or after a workout to warm up or soothe sore muscles, infrared saunas heat up with minimal time over conventional saunas.

Steam - Cabins

Sauna - Stoves

Used in a conventional sauna, bath stoves heats up a sauna electrically through heating elements and rocks. The more rocks, the softer and gentler the steam and heat.

Steam - Genarators

Sauna - Accessories

Steam - Accessories

Evaluation - Analytical Tools

Keep your body in-check with our various line-up of products that analyze and give you the information you need to keep in shape!

Charts - Exercise

Every Fitness Chart has been designed in conjunction with knowledgeable specialists to ensure sound information is presented in a user friendly way.

Charts - Golf

Two charts are specific to golf and are ideal for driving ranges and locker rooms.

Charts - Machine Mounted Exercise

These Charts are for attaching to the machine. Each chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise.

Charts - Wall-Mounted Exercise

These Charts are for wall mounting beside the machine. Each chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise.

Charts - Weight Training Exercise

A set of charts that provide sound, accurate advice about training with free weights to develop strength in specific muscle groups. Each chart is in full colour and encapsulated in plastic film for durability.

Wearables - Activity monitors

Tracking your fitness level as a group or as an individual has never been easier with the use of wearable technologies.

Home/Light Commercial

Stay fit at the comfort of your home or at your workplace without the need for a gym membership! These products are all compact in size for home and semi-commercial uses.

Cloud Services

Train more effectively than ever before with the smartest running technology with you stride for stride.

Fitness Accessories

The small little details that makes your workout a world of difference.