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Cardio - Lateral Trainers

Unlike typical fitness machines, the lateral trainer works the body side to side, targeting all muscles around your legs, front and back.

Lateral Trainer 1

. Series 3 comes with an 18.5” android HD ready touch screen console ensuring that the very best entertainment and most engaging workout modes are possible at their fingertips.

Lateral Trainer 2

Series 2 comes complete with a 10.1” console providing sustainable self-powered wire free entertainment and motivational workout programs.

Lateral Trainer 3

Designed to push the boundaries of the user’s workout through an operating system that tuned specifically to their needs.


Most machines work front-to-back. The Helix turns tradition on its side. With lateral (or side-to-side) movement, you use more muscles, which means you burn more fat than during a traditional workout– in the same amount of time.Plus Helix’s patented motion tones your butt, core and inner/outer thighs better than old-fashioned cardio machines.