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Stay fit at the comfort of your home or at your workplace without the need for a gym membership! These products are all compact in size for home and semi-commercial uses.

Air-Mag Rower

Air-Mag Rower works on air & magnetic resistance system, offers user-controlled intensity in efficient & rhythmic motions.

Ergonomic handle allows for natural arm and hand position to target different muscles,
add comfort and enhance your workout as well.

Airbike Pro

Airbike Pro works on air resistance that offers unlimited resistance levels in your workout.

It has multi-grip handlebars offer horizontal & vertical placement options to target different muscles and enhance your workout as well.


Provides for a full-body, intense workout in 30-minutes without the use of any additional accessories. Quick and easy transitions between exercises facilitate a fast-paced cardio-strength workout that delivers observable body-shaping results--in a commercial facility or in your home.


The Recovery Series EncompassTM provides the optimum functional training experience. Works
multiple muscle groups together for a complete workout that challenges proprioception and core stabilizers by integrating multi-plane movement and unrestricted range of motion. Perfect for your physical therapy wellness program.


The Recovery Series LEX builds explosive power by developing lower body muscle mass with two primary movements, the squat & the squat jump. It supports the spine during traditional squat exercises so that users can control the descending & ascending phases of the squat & other variations including single-leg squats.

Power Tower

This newest Total Gym PowerTower allows for incremental load changes during exercise, hosts the adjustable glideboard and provides the utmost versatility for high-performance sports-specific conditioning, athletic training and rehabilitation.


The only rower on an incline that improves muscular fitness and satisfies both cardiovascular aerobic & strength training requirements simultaneously. Targeting all muscle groups, the Row ADJ uses bodyweight resistance & enables a smooth consistent load through the entire range of motion, due to loaded concentric & eccentric phases of the exercise.

Total Gym Core Trainer

Total Gym Core Trainer strengthens the abdominals while engaging the entire core musculature. Offering unparalleled versatility for an abdominal machine, it allows for two primary movements – the Dynamic Plank and the SCRUNCH.

Total Gym Jump Trainer

Uniquely designed to facilitate plyometric exercises leveraging both linear bodyweight resistance and band variable resistance, the JumpTrainer produces both concentric and eccentric loading of the muscles

Total Gym Leg Trainer

The Total Gym Leg Trainer engages all the muscles of the leg simultaneously for an efficient and effective lower body workout. Exceptionally versatile, it facilitates a forward, backward and side lunge. A rolling glide-board adds instability for maximum muscle recruitment

Total Gym Press Trainer

A totally new way to do a shoulder press. The Press Trainer places users in an inverted position, unloading the lower back and reducing spinal compression.

Total Gym Pull-up Trainer

Strengthen the muscles of the upper body by doing a proper pull-up using only a portion of your body weight. The Total Gym Pull-up Trainer is built on an adjustable incline allowing users to select a percentage of their own bodyweight to pull.

U 8.1 Upright Bicycle

U8.1 Upright Bike brings comfort, commercial durability and design into one amazing equipment. Simple to operate and easy to use.

C7000i Commercial Upright Bike

The C7000i Upright Bike is built around durability and comfort to accommodate a wide range of users throughout long periods of use. The C7000i comes with iPad® integration and connectivity with our apps, allowing you to operate your bike and view more detailed and graphically enhanced readouts of your workout.

E3i Cross Trainer

The E3i is a durable piece of workout equipment that takes extra steps to ensure a comfortable and reliable workout experience

TR5000-DT7 Treadmill Desk (Electric Height Adjustable)

This is our high-use treadmill desk built for those looking to walk for long periods throughout the day or use in community settings. The desk allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment feature and includes memory support for two user settings.

SM3 Stepmill 3

The StepMill 3 gives you a full cardiovascular and strength workout in one, and a compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for home gyms, apartments, medical offices, and corporate fitness centers.

Platinum Cross Sprinter

Meet the new concept in fitness: the new Cross Sprinter makes fitness training even more challenging. Its large flywheel ensures constant resistance, which can be operated manually.

Platinum Cross Sprinter Bike

Cycle, sprint and climb like a real cyclist. With this sprinter bike you can train for the greatest performance. Stay fit and train your endurance on this spinning bike.

Platinum Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent Bike provides versatile movement and is notable for its low instep, enabling users to mount the bike safely and in comfort.


The world's first lightweight, portable, high capacity body composition monitor that is battery powered with convenient built-in carry handle for easy transport

Boulderboard6 ®

The Boulderboard6® training station uses the power of climbing and bodyweight workouts to create superior strength gains. Made to accommodate smaller spaces. Used in homes, schools, climbing areas and small fitness areas, it disassembles easily for transport as needed.

E7 Elliptical

Manufactured to exceed commercial leading standards, the E7 Elliptical's unique center-drive design enables you to exercise in an upright position to reduce stress on the back and knees. Replicate the natural stride of running outdoors with no impact on your joints.

R7 Recumbent

Our Landice R7 recumbent bike offers a comfortable training option with superior back support. Our wide step-through design enables easy on-and-off access providing a safe and practical exercise setting.

U7 Upright Bike

Complete with comfort, convenience, and innovation the Landice U7 represents the new standard in reliability and performance.

Balance Trunk Health Fitness

The point of reference of our posture is the trunk. A correct control of the trunk significantly modifies our posture. Balance Trunk evaluates and selectively trains both the pelvic and thoracic area of the trunk.

Prokin Health Fitness

As mentioned, posture is not only static but above all dynamic. The Pro-Kin system evaluates and trains our capacity of proprioceptive control both in monopodalic and bipodalic modes.