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Specialty - Aqua Fitness

Bring your workout to a pool and make exercising fun and relaxing! Aqua exercises are also great for anyone receiving orthopedic and rehabilitative treatment.

Active Aqua Bike

Stationary aquatic bike that is recommended for high performance activities such as HIIT and Spinning.

Aqua Cardio Training

A monitoring system that can be used in the water/open wates and provides real-time data, such as heart rate, at any time of the training session.

Aqua WallGym System

The Aquawallgym is an innovative exercise that was create by combining elastic resistance and the properties of water resistance.

BPM Two Aqua Bike

A unique stationary bike that is equipped with LED lighting system that changes under pedalling intensity.

Elastic Round Jump

Elastic Jump is an aqquatix trampoline that suitable for training, amusement and very effective in both anaerobic and balancing exercises.

Float 2 Fitness

Float 2 Fitness has been designed not only to enjoy water workout, but also to assist athletes in their training sessions. Suitable for Training and Rehabilitation Purpose

Galaxy Aqquabike

Design to facilitate people who are rehabilitating and in parts of a circuit workout

Moon Walker

Multi functional equipment that allows simultaneous training of legs and arms.

SMART UP Aqua Bike

A stationary entry aquatic bike that is recommended for normal to high intensity level cycling.

Star Aqquatreadmill 2.0

Designed for Aqua walking and Aqua running suitable for rehabilitation and training.

Vertical Dynamic

An innovative COMBAT BAG designed to be easily used with both arms and legs, equipped with a hinge to facilitate the product maintenance operations