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Steam - Genarators

Steam generator PRO

Tylö’s steam generator PRO is a reliable, maintenance-friendly steam generator that is everything you want in a public facility steam generator. The steam generator can be mounted on the wall and comes equipped with Tylö’s latest h1 PRO control panel.

Steam VA

A powerful, fully automatic steam generator with a large water tank, which makes it ideal in public facilities. Requires connection to electricity and water supplies. Convertible 1-phase/3-phase.

Steam VB

A compact steam generator with the same high quality materials, functions and features as the VA, but with a smaller water tank to ensure rapid heating-up times in small and medium-sized private steam rooms.


The generator automatically prevents overheating and dry running, should there be an interruption to the water supply, protecting your investment.


HNS-T1 steam generator is based on the newest available technology and set a whole new level for user interface and reliability. Touch buttoned and glass surfaced control panel has unique functions such as proximity sensor, service reminder and multilingual user interface with its 7 languages.