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Wearables - Activity monitors

Tracking your fitness level as a group or as an individual has never been easier with the use of wearable technologies.

AM 180C

The very latest technology of 3-axis accelerometer, has auto detection to provide accurate reading for daily activities and moderate exercise including jogging and fast walking.

AM-121E Pedometer

The AM-121E 3-Axes activity monitor (pedometer) is Tanita's 3-axes activity monitor line. In addition to its 24 hour activity graph , the AM-121E features a step counter, calorie counter, distance monitor, walking time monitor, clock, and 14-day memory.

MZ3 Physical Activity Belt

The MZ3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, to ensure that you get accurate feedback on all your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train.