2XL-435 Performance Body Cloths (2XL-436 Refill)

Performance Body Cloths are the perfect choice to freshen up when soap and water is not available. Performance body cloths are effective yet gentle for your entire body and give you a reliable clean. Refill can be found under 2XL-436.

Reflex-O 35th Anniversary Sale

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F307 Low Row

The FreeMotion Low Row targets muscles in the back, shoulders and arms to build core strength and reduce risk of injury. The Row features multi-angle handgrip positions and an adjustable padded seat to accommodate Low different user heights.

S-TRc Treadmill

The S-TRc, a commercial-quality treadmill customized for the unsupervised facility. Designed specifically for those looking for solid, commercial quality operation at an exceptional value. Our S Series doesn’t cut corners - it actually sets new standards for what a cardio line should be.

Shoulders, Upper Arm & Upper Back Muscle

This Weight training exercise Chart is beautifully illustrated in full colour & laminated. The Chart clearly identifies Shoulder, Upper Arm and Upper Back Muscles and shows various strength training exercises for these muscle groups with simple explanations on how to do the exercise.

Cleanse kit

Removes calcium deposits on shower glass and glazed tiles. Always use the titanium wool ball with liberal amounts of water. Impregnating liquid to protect shower glass and glazed tiles against a build-up of lime deposits.

Seated overhead press

The overhead press is a highly effective compound upper-body exercise.the exercise target several of the major upper body muscles. Resistance adjustment changes the intensity of the exercise

Spinner Pro+

The Spinner® Pro+ combines user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability to deliver best-in-class performance for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. To maintain uncompromising quality ride after ride, the Spinner Pro+ features an extra durable crank system, rust-defying materials and rock solid construction.

Platinum Recumbent Bike

The Recumbent Bike provides versatile movement and is notable for its low instep, enabling users to mount the bike safely and in comfort.

Anatomy of the Elbow Joint

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the elbow joint; including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.It gives a description of the elbow joint as a synovial hinge joint and illustrates the four main movements of the joint together with naming the muscles that are responsible for each action.

DynaBell Double Rack

DynaBell rack was designed to accommodate a single of her dual set of DynaBell in any sizes 1 in a sleek, space efficient, and easy to store system.

Lateral Trainer 2

Series 2 comes complete with a 10.1” console providing sustainable self-powered wire free entertainment and motivational workout programs.


The MoveStrong T-Rex Fitness Station™ is specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allow for year around functional fitness and bodyweight exercising for adults. Ideal for bootcamps, group training classes, schools, parks, military, or just a cool backyard adult fitness jungle gym!


The AquaClimber allows the user to work the upper and lower body in equal amounts or subject target areas to a higher workload by simply choosing a different hand grip position.

Fortis 900B Upright Bike

A multi-feature bike providing a combination of comfort and convenience into an impactful cardio experience

FS-64 Chest Press

Dual hand grips accommodate a wide range of users and allow exercise variation. 5 position seat adjusts to accommodate a wide range of users.


Expression takes sauna heaters to a new level. With its sleek lines and Scandinavian design, Tylö’s sauna heater received the Red Dot Design Award, an international design award.

Street barbell MB 7.43.3 Triceps

The equipment is designed to develop shoulder triceps. Vertical hand position helps the long triceps parts reduction and to include it into the work.

Seated Row

An upright posture, a stronger back or the coveted look of the V shape in your upper body – the Q Seated Rowing helps people achieve their personal goals easily and safely.

Dumbbells Weights

This is a new Singapore brand. Do!t has a wide ranges of Free weights.

Weight Ranges: 2-20Kg (increment by every 2kg)

8-RDE Rear Drive Elliptical

Elliptical training has become second only to treadmill training in facilities across the globe and it has become one of the most important cardio categories in the eyes of many clients. When designing our 8-Series Rear Drive Elliptical, we wanted to create a comfortable and natural stride pattern, while offering user-centric safety features and the industry’s best entertainment solutions.

2XL-400 Antibacterial Force Wipes (2XL-401 Refill)

2XL Force Disinfectant Wipes are powerful, safe EPA registered disinfectant wipes that are effective against 49 pathogens. Use them in non-critical medical environments to meet stringent infection control standards, as well as in daycares, schools, and other facilities to prevent illness.