Physio Tower

Various elastic bands and tubes can be latched to this integrated wall attached solution.The athlete has a full freedom of movement and the option to set various heights and directions. The system can be used either with a single joint (for one band/tube) or a double joint (for two bands/tubes).

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Equipped with the most extreme elevation capabilities to push even the advanced to their limits, the ELG is one that makes only top athletes.

XFW-4700-12 12 Pair Dumbbell Rack

Designed with attractive oval shaped tube frames, these racks are available to accommodate 6, 10, 12, 16, and 20 pairs of pro style dumbbells.

XFW-7200 Incline Press Bench

Fixed 30° angled seat back and easily adjustable seat provide maximum exercise benefits. 6 plate holders standard.

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is ideal as low impact cardiovascular and lower body strengthening exercise. The bike can be used in a trail layout and is also recommended for cluster installations where a 'cardio zone'is required.

Adjustable Incline Bench

Go from 30 degrees incline to 80 degrees upright. From extra thick padding to a frame that can handle the heaviest lift you can hold this bench is in a league of its own.

Decline Press

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With our unique cam system and pre-stretch, Leverage® Decline Chest Press offers muscle activation with full range of motion.

Abdominal / Back

The Abdominal is ideal for building abdominal muscles from a stable and ergonomic position.

Impact Strength Abductor

In the seated position with your back against the pad, place you knees on the inside of the knee pads. Grasp the red adjustment handle and lift to set pivoting legs at desired starting position. Initiate the motion by pressing outward to a comfortable position.

Live Axis F708 Rotary

Perform multiple workouts at one station with the Live Axis Rotary. The pulley arm rotates 180 degrees to quickly switch up your workout and target different muscles.

Expression Combi

Expression Combi takes sauna heaters to a new level. You can enjoy a relaxing steam sauna in Tylö’s sauna room with Expression Combi. The heater is black painted and stands on the floor with robust legs with automatic water supply.

F218 EPIC Plate Loaded Leg Press

Each load bar holds up to 450 lbs. per side and is positioned to facilitate easy entry/exit of the machine. Seat position is raised and platform is positioned for easy entry/exit of the machine.

Pull Lift

The design of this piece provides the perfect structure for compound movements- the heart of functional training. Even teaching basic movements such as: squats, dead lifts and lunges becomes easier and safer with the Pull Lift as the pulleys aide in balance

Elite WOLF RX2200

The WOLF RX2200 is equipped with an extended cushioned seat and automatic resistance to increase pull force with faster speed.

3 Kick

3 Kick is a heavy duty commercial grade machine that will be loved by youth, kick boxers, instructors, trainers and those that just want to have fun competing with friends while getting a great workout! Scoring is based on speed and more points are allocated the faster you move. Track your daily score and watch your reaction time improve!

Calf Raise

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Warming-up and breathing advice is given, together with instructional information about how to do the exercise properly and safely and this helps to reinforce coaching by the Gym Instructor.

RapidFit Program

If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

XFW-5300 Ab/Decline Bench

Easily adjustable from -30° to +10° in 5° increments. Dual roller assembly for proper support during exercise. Wheels for easy movement.

Deltoid Press

The X-Force Deltoid Press is an excellent, multi-joint machine that shapes and builds your deltoid muscles.

Lat Back Pull

The X-Force Lat Back Pull allows a multi-joint, downward movement for working the lats and the biceps.

Anatomy of the Elbow Joint

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the elbow joint; including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.It gives a description of the elbow joint as a synovial hinge joint and illustrates the four main movements of the joint together with naming the muscles that are responsible for each action.