Fortis 700B Upright Bike

Patented with the one-hand adjustable seat that enable user to quickly and easily set most comfortable position for their workout.

Lay Off Some Steam!

Saunas have been used worldwide throughout history for its health benefits. Sweating has been proven effective in flushing toxins and disease out of the system while maintaining the optimum health of the body. Experience Sauna with TYLOHELO now![ Read More... ]

Lateral Trainer 2

Series 2 comes complete with a 10.1” console providing sustainable self-powered wire free entertainment and motivational workout programs.

Steam generator PRO

Tylö’s steam generator PRO is a reliable, maintenance-friendly steam generator that is everything you want in a public facility steam generator. The steam generator can be mounted on the wall and comes equipped with Tylö’s latest h1 PRO control panel.

E-STi Stepper

Step up to serious performance. Step up to entertainment. Unlike any other stepper on the market, the Star Trac E-STi Stepper challenges your users to conquer the Famous Steps around the world-all while enjoying personal entertainment options easily accessed through the integrated 15.6" HD viewing screen.

Tricep Extension

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Triceps Extension exercise. Each stage of the exercise is supported with instructional information on how to do the exercise properly and safely.

Nautilus Instinct Dual Biceps Triceps Extension

Simple, intuitive placard. Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Multi-position hand grips. Adjustable seat with “easy up” ratcheting adjustment. Walk-through entry design. Rubber feet for floor protection. Kevlar transmission belt for extended life and easy replacement.

Abdominal Crunch

FitLight Wall Mount Unpowered

These are easily installed on walls and can be easily removed as needed.

They can be screwed into the walls using the correct plugs for concrete, brick, wall board or wood.*

(*Screws and plugs are not supplied)

F210 EPIC Barbell Rack

Holds ten standard barbells. Design maximizes barbell storage in a small footprint. For added safety, pieces can be bolted to the floor through predrilled holes.


The Tanita SC330s analyzer provides whole body composition in 10 seconds. All data can be printed instantly by an integrated thermal printer or transferred automatically to computer using GMON software for long term analysis.

Biceps Curl

Nautilus One® equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology and the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial

XFW-5600 Roman Bench

Adjustable thigh pad assembly angled 45° for proper ergonomics.

Ante Natal Exercise

Throughout their production, Chartex took advice from the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health. Great attention to detail is evident in the illustrations of the exercises. The instructions are clear and concise containing a wealth of sound health and education advice.

Sun S Pavillon

Every Pure Infra cabin model includes a speakerless, touchscreen-operated sound system that provides crystal clear pleasure from your favorite MP3’s or the radio. Pure Infra cabins include trimodal lighting systems, with soft valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and colour light therapy.

Upright Bike 3

Designed to push the boundaries of the user’s workout through an operating system that tuned specifically to their needs.

Lift-Step Machine

Train the muscle in your legs and back to work together and improve strength for every day lifting and stepping activities.

FitLight Vision Board

Mobile, light-weight design with a standard 4’x 2’ customizable panel that trains the mind-body connection.

Box Master Program

If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

F614 Step

The FreeMotion Step builds balance, strength and coordination. Targets muscles in the entire lower body to increase strength for activities such as climbing stairs.

Nautilus Impact Abdominal

Adjust the seat up or down to align the movement axis with your mid torso. To initiate motion, place your head on the upper pad, grasp handles, and flex forward simulating a crunching motion.

Leg Press

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.