Lat Pulley

Pull or Row your way to a strong back. Working your back never felt so efficient and productive! The Lat Pulley provides enough stability to challenge with heavy loads.

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Chest Shoulder Machine

The Genesis Ds Chest-Shoulder targets muscles in the shoulders,arms and chest.

Human Sport Program

If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

Fortis 900TI Treadmill

The FORTIS 900TI is a powerful high quality multimedia treadmill that stimulates an audiovisual feast and enhances gym experience.

Fortis 700T Treadmill

Unlike traditional fixed motion Elliptical/Cross trainer, the Fortis 700XE patented adjustable stride provides a full range of options & motion.

2XL-73 GymWipes Dispenser

Extremely stong steel highly resistant to rust, corrosion, dents, scratches and extreme temperature change. Perfect for high traffic use.

Rocher Bath Stove

100 kg of sauna stones are held in a brushed steel brazier of the Rocher. The stones surround full length heating elements with the heat radiating in all directions.

XFW-6300 Weight Plate Tree

6 weight posts accommodate more than 1000 lbs. of Olympic plates and collars.

Bicep/Tricep MDL# CBC 400

Fitness Masters Inc Strength Exercise Equipment new hydraulic circuit line strength fitness equipment is ideal for strength exercise equipment that is perfect for home gyms with limited space, rehabilitation exercise and fitness, retirement center exercise fitness, womens gyms exercise fitness equipment.

Leg Press

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

Fortis 700XE Cross Trainer

Unlike traditional fixed motion Elliptical/Cross trainer, the Fortis 700XE patented adjustable stride provides a full range of options & motion.

Impact Strength Lat Pull Down

In the seated position adjust the roller pads up or down by pulling the red adjustment knob and setting the pad above your knees and thighs. After setting the roller pad height stand up and grasp the handles. Descend slowly until your upper thighs are secured under the roller pad. To initiate motion, pull the bar down towards your upper chest.


The AquaRower works all the major muscle groups of the body providing a whole body aerobic workout.

Tour De France(Home)

Built and tested for the home environment, the Tour De France Bike provides a great indoor training experience with feedback such as watts, distance, speed and calories.

Fortis 900XE Cross Trainer

An intuitively-designed low-impact cardio machine without breaking the rhythm in accessing entertainment and social media.

Spinner Blade ION

Revolutionize your Spinning® program with power-based training! The Spinner® Blade ION™ takes the proven accuracy of strain-gauge technology, combined with the highest level of power-based education, to bring you the most sophisticated indoor cycling training methods. Now you can train like the pros!

Blackroll Duoball

It is suitable especially for massage of back and neck musculature and fascial release. The stance between the two connected balls prevents hurting the backbone and the massage becomes even more effective.

Abdominal Exercises

The Abdominal Chart shows exercises which are mostly performed on the floor. Simple explanations and sharp images describing how to perform these exercises, together with information on breathing while exercising and general safety guidelines.

AirFit Bike™

Stair Master Air Fit UB has some amazing features that help the user with recovery and with improving their cardio.


The StairMaster Gauntlet stair stepper machine comes with a large 10-inch touchscreen LCD console that allows you to control your speed and target workout range.


The Boulderboard is the first collapsible freestanding climbing wall designed for use in apartments and homes. With the Boulderboard you don't have to do without a hangboard because you don't want to lose your security deposit.