Helo M2

The Midi connects with low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room. It has a built-in temperature sensor to be used when Midi is installed inside the steam room. It’s also possible to connect an external temperature sensor if the Midi is installed outside the steam room.

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Nautilus Inspiration Lat Pull Down

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base to the desired pre stretch. In the seated position adjust the thigh pad up or down by pulling the red adjustment knob and setting the pad above the knees and thigh.

Street barbell MB 7.37 LAT PULL

This is the new MB Barbell outdoor fitness equipment, with parameters closest to the professional gym equipment. During their design there was an approach to involve in exercising process all muscle groups for harmonious development.

Nautilus Impact Dip Machine

Adjust the seat height to accommodate desired level of pre-stretch for both your chest and triceps. Rotate the handles in or out for desired handle position. To initiate motion, place your feet under the stabilization roller pad and press downward extending your arms.

Fragrance dispenser

Tylö fragrance dispenser lets you enjoy aroma baths where you can truly sit back and relax. The fragrance dispenser is now available as an option for your steamer and is easily connected to the outlet pipe.

HSI70 Infrared Sauna

HSI 70 is specially adapted as a corner unit, making the most of the space you have.

XFW-5600 Roman Bench

Adjustable thigh pad assembly angled 45° for proper ergonomics.

Theragym Tube

Perfect for Functional Training providing comfort and durability for all your resistance workouts. Available in 4 different resistance grade.

Chest Exercise

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise. Advice is given about warming-up with a light weight before you start training, as well as breathing during the exercise.

Compound Row

Nautilus users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.

Nautilus Impact Leg Curl

Position yourself on the pad with your knees aligned with the pivot point. Adjust the roller pad by using the red knob to position the pad above your ankles. Support your upper body with the pads and handles provided.

Total Gym Press Trainer

A totally new way to do a shoulder press. The Press Trainer places users in an inverted position, unloading the lower back and reducing spinal compression.

Cable Crossover

Bringing the Cable Cross Over up a class and into the next century with features such as the stabilization handles, and integrated pull up station and that patented Lock N Load system. Users will enjoy exceptional functionality and a productive efficient workout.

SP-5300 Inner Thigh

Contoured back pad angled at 105º provides proper support and alignment during exercise. Conveniently located handle allows quick and easy range of motion adjustment through 8 positions while in the seated position.

F219 EPIC Weight and Bar Rack

Holds 2 Olympic-sized straight and/or curl bars. Bar holders have flared edges to facilitate bar placement. Stores up to 1270 lbs. of Olympic weight plates. Storage bars are plated and made of solid steel for durability.

Tour De France(Home)

Built and tested for the home environment, the Tour De France Bike provides a great indoor training experience with feedback such as watts, distance, speed and calories.

MP 2.0 Multi Station

Innovative design for those who are facing space constraint. This piece of equipment have the capability to do upper and lower body strength training.

Stations on the MP 2.0:
. Leg Extension / Leg Curl
. Upper Body
. Low Pulley

SP-5800 Rotary Chest Press

Rotary motion of unilateral press arms follows the natural trajectory of the upper body while allowing for full articulation of the shoulder joint. Contoured back pad angled 100º for proper ergonomic function and user comfort.

Ab Coaster PS500

Unlike traditional crunches working your abs top down, the Ab Coaster works your abs bottom up, limiting the stress on your neck, back and shoulders.

FitLight Tripods

The tripod offers the user another dynamic way to enhance their training regime.

F801 EPIC Leg Extension

The FreeMotion EPIC Leg Extension provides a supported position isolating the muscles of the quads. The padded leg assembly adjust in 3 positions to fit a variety of users.