Accessory Rack

Urethane protected surfaces. Accommodates multiple handles and accessory bars. Top tray with rubber base for storage of smaller items. Rubber feet for floor protection

Boundless Outdoors

Discover outdoor equipment we offer here in Reflex-O! Click the link below to learn more. [ Read More... ]

Leverage™ Biceps Curl

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With unilateral arms and elbow pad wear guard, Leverage® Biceps Curl allows heavy lifting with comfort and efficiency.

The IsoShift

The IsoShift a unique piece of health equipment from Tecno Body that aid in not only strength training and condition but to also evaluate your weak area group.


Models are equipped with a fixed 20” stride, 20 incline ramp levels and 20 levels of resistance. They are also both designed with Life Span's own CoreBalance Technology.

Rip:60 Program

RIP:60 is a fitness program designed to change the way people look, feel and move, through progressive programming, constant motion, versatile movements and the power of rotation. If you wish to know more or to become a master trainer, please contact us

Inspiration™ Triceps Extension

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base so your upper arms (Triceps) are placed flat and evenly across the arm pad. To maintain proper alignment during exercising place your lower legs in front of the padded stabilization support.

Chest Press

The Chest Press builds strength in the pectoral and arm muscles in a safe, effective way.


An attractive look, an upright posture or toning of the chest – the Q Butterfly helps people achieve their personal goals easily and safely.

Fortis 700XE Cross Trainer

Unlike traditional fixed motion Elliptical/Cross trainer, the Fortis 700XE patented adjustable stride provides a full range of options & motion.

Seated Leg Press

The seated leg press is used to simulate a squat exercise without the same potential injury risk due to the back being supported. This exercise is considered a very efficient method to work all the major leg muscles.

Abs Bench™

Designed with a dual pivot motion, the Abs Bench is the only commercial-quality abdominal bench that works both the upper and lower abs at the same time.

XFW-7200 Incline Press Bench

Fixed 30° angled seat back and easily adjustable seat provide maximum exercise benefits. 6 plate holders standard.

PFW-7600 Decline Press Bench

Bench tapers from 16¨ at the hips to 8¨ at the shoulders for proper support and freedom of movement during pressing motion. Available with optional plate holders.

2XL-70 Stainless Steel Wall Dispenser

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Dispenser for high-traffic facilities that demand greater capacity and exceptional value without sacrificing style. These units are easy to install and great for areas where workout space is at a higher volume.

Inspiration™ Deltoid Raise

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base to align your shoulders with the axis of rotation of the movement arms. Position your arms under the roller pads and above the elbows with your hands grasping the handles.

Lat Pull-High Row Machine

The Genesis DS Lat Pull-High Row engages the arms,shoulders,back and stabilizer muscles to improve overall core strength and balance.

Bench Press

Molded urethane bar holders for quite, safe olympic bar placement. Dual bar holders for both short and tall users. Open frame design for effective and safe spotting

HumanSport™ Lat Pulley

Pull or Row your way to a strong back. Working your back never felt so efficient and productive! The Lat Pulley provides enough stability to challenge with heavy loads.

E520 Fluid Rower

Industry-best on-water rowing emulation with natural catch, feel and adjustable resistance from feather light to Olympic rowing; these commercial grade machines will suit all needs and aspirations of your club members whilst providing an innovative, reliable and virtually maintenance free addition to your gym floor.

PFW-6300 Weight Plate Tree

5 storage posts accommodate over 500 lbs. of olympic plates and collars.

Essential oils

Essential oils to Tylö Fresh fragrance for the sauna and steam room. Plastic Bottle 25 cl.