The 8-TR has all the features and design elements users have longed for - perfectly woven into our sturdiest, sleekest, most user-friendly Treadmill.

Breaking Fitness Boundaries

Working out should never be boring. Engage yourself with versatile yet engaging equipment and accessories and expand your exercising capabilities; be it maintaining your stamina or strengthening your core muscles.

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Spinner Blade ION

Revolutionize your Spinning® program with power-based training! The Spinner® Blade ION™ takes the proven accuracy of strain-gauge technology, combined with the highest level of power-based education, to bring you the most sophisticated indoor cycling training methods. Now you can train like the pros!

S-TRx Treadmill

S is for simple, solution or smart, but one thing S will never stand for is sacrifice. Designed specifically for those looking for solid, commercial quality operation at an exceptional value.

Nautilus Inspiration Bicep Curl

Adjust the seat height position by grasping the red adjustment bar located at the seat base so your upper arms (Triceps) are placed evenly on the arm pads. Align your elbows with the axis of rotation to insure that the desired pre-stretch position is achieved. Select a comfortable hand position keeping the wrist straight

Lateral Raise

Nautilus One® equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology and the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial

F300 Plate Loaded Chest

The FreeMotion Plate Loaded Chest targets muscles in the chest and
upper arms with a comfortable and customization chest press workout.
Quickly add weights to the nickel-plated weight tubes and the precision pivot bearings will ensure each rep is smooth and natural.

Runner+ Eco

Eco Runner combines cardio and
resistance training for an all-in-one
superior workout.
A manual and user-defined speed
treadmill, this performance treadmill is
designed to increase resistance and push
limits with its built-in magnetic braking
system. Built with the same quality you
would expect from a slat-belt-based
technology to provide an ultimate
training solution.

FitLight Flex Frames

Flex Frames can transform your training sessions into dynamic experiences.

2XL-82 Wall Dispenser (White)

Contemporary Wall Dispenser for high-traffic facilities that demand greater capacity and exceptional value without sacrificing style. Easy to install and great for areas where workout space is at a higher volume.

Cube Infrared Sauna

Cube one of the latest adaptations of genuine infrared sauna comfort - designed to enhance and complement the decor of your home.


Models are equipped with a fixed 20” stride, 20 incline ramp levels and 20 levels of resistance. They are also both designed with Life Span's own CoreBalance Technology.

Adjustable Abdominal Decline Bench

Removable wear strap for extended upholstery life. Adjustable back pad for precise positioning. Fixed shin stabilization pads. Dual rollers and hand grip for transport.Rubber feet for floor protection

Anatomy of the Hip Joint

This Chart shows the major anatomical structures of the hip joint; including bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. An explanation is given about the hip joint as a ball and socket synovial joint and illustrations of joint movement are linked to Activities of Daily Living.

Sense Combi

Sense Combi adds variation to your pleasure. It is a dry sauna, wet sauna or in clouds of soothing steam. The heater is equipped with stand-by mode and ”divided output” to ensure an energy efficient sauna experience. It also includes the sleek h2 control panel.

Bench Press with Convergence Load Station

This is the new MB Barbell outdoor fitness equipment, with parameters closest to the professional gym equipment. During their design there was an approach to involve in exercising process all muscle groups for harmonious development.

Hip Flexion

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Hip Flexion exercise. This exercise strengthens the Hip flexors and Abdominals as well as the Quadriceps especially when the legs are extended from the knee and held at 90 degrees to the body.

FS-56 Biceps / Triceps

5 position seat with low back support to accommodate users of all sizes.,3 starting positions for both curls and extensions
allow users to choose the range of motion best suited
to their individual needs.

MP 3.0 Multi Station

This piece of equipment have the capability to do upper and lower body strength training.

Stations on the MP 3.0:

. Leg Extension / Leg Curl
. Upper Body
. Low Pulley
. Adjustable Cable Column

Ab Coaster Black

Unlike traditional crunches working your abs top down, the Ab Coaster works your abs bottom up, limiting the stress on your neck, back and shoulders.

F219 EPIC Weight and Bar Rack

Holds 2 Olympic-sized straight and/or curl bars. Bar holders have flared edges to facilitate bar placement. Stores up to 1270 lbs. of Olympic weight plates. Storage bars are plated and made of solid steel for durability.


Equipped with the most extreme elevation capabilities to push even the advanced to their limits, the ELG is one that makes only top athletes.