XFW-7200 Incline Press Bench

Fixed 30° angled seat back and easily adjustable seat provide maximum exercise benefits. 6 plate holders standard.

Breaking Fitness Boundaries

Working out should never be boring. Engage yourself with versatile yet engaging equipment and accessories and expand your exercising capabilities; be it maintaining your stamina or strengthening your core muscles.

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Straight Shower Wall

Our glass shower walls win in terms of both style and function. Large handles add a touch of elegance to the entire design, which also has a smart magnetic strip closing embedded in the aluminium profiles.

Casa Sauna

CASA is a top quality massive log sauna that combines handsome, well-crafted features with the luxurious relaxation of soft-climate sauna.

Low Row

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Our plate loaded line allows maximum strength and size gains while encouraging proper biomechanics. With unilateral diverging motion and low pull angle, Leverage® Low Row really targets the middle back.

Stretching Exercise With The Ball

This chart gives detailed explanation supported with clear, full colour illustrations on how to perform a variety of stretching exercises using an inflatable ball. Each stretch is named and numbered, and accompanied with instructional information to ensure the stretch is done properly.

MP 4.0 Multi Station

This piece of equipment have the capability to do upper and lower body strength training.

Stations on the MP 4.0:
. Leg Extension / Leg Curl
. Low Pulley
. Upper Body
. Adjustable Cable Column
. Leg Press

XL2-400 Inner / Outer Thigh

Space and cost efficient dual function model for Adductor and Abductor exercise movements. Spring-loaded handle with fifteen position adjustment cam for wide range of leg movement.

Impression Twin

Tylö has combined a sauna and steam shower to create an exciting new product that offers unique options for relaxing and unwinding.

XFW-5300 Ab/Decline Bench

Easily adjustable from -30° to +10° in 5° increments. Dual roller assembly for proper support during exercise. Wheels for easy movement.

Preacher Bicep Curl

This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the Preacher Biceps Curl exercise. Three positions are shown from start to finish together with important instructional information to help ensure the exercise is done properly and safely.

Ab Coaster CS3000

The flagship product of the Ab Coaster Commercial Series product line features stainless steel rails for an ultra-smooth ride, adjustable hand grips, and a free-style motion seat.

SP-5600 Triceps Extension

5 position seat assembly uses four-bar linkage and gas cylinder assist for quick and easy adjustment. Hand grips self-align during exercise movement for proper ergonomic and biomechanical function while eliminating impingement of the wrist joint.

Spinner Blade ION

Revolutionize your Spinning® program with power-based training! The Spinner® Blade ION™ takes the proven accuracy of strain-gauge technology, combined with the highest level of power-based education, to bring you the most sophisticated indoor cycling training methods. Now you can train like the pros!

2XL-86 The Guardian Stand (White)

The Guardian Stand is a multi-functional unit designed to handle the needs of promoting and maintaining the cleanliness and sanitizing of all fitness equipment and related areas. All-in-one solution capable of dispensing, disposing and storing any of our wipes for all of your gym cleaning needs.

Ab-Bicep Machine

The Genesis DS Ab-Bicep combines the strength training benefits of bicep and abdominal in one dynamic machine.

Helo T1

The T1 has a new design with glass front and touch control. It connects to low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room. The display shows time, temperature and on/off, with settings for time preset, on-time and temperature (max. 23 hours operating time).

Black Active Bike

Stationary aquatic bike that is recommended for high performance activities such as HIIT and Spinning.


This chart shows how to do the exercise as well as illustrating the major muscle groups that work during the exercise.

Chest & Shoulder Muscles

This chart shows a range of different exercises that work and strengthen the Chest and Shoulder Muscles. Simple explanations and sharp images describe how to exercise these muscles properly. General safety instructions as well as breathing advice is given on the chart together with anatomical illustrations of the major muscles working.

Adjustable Decline Bench

Seven different positions from 0-30 degrees allow for versatility and complete range of motion. From extra thick padding to a frame that can handle the heaviest lift you can hold this bench in a league of its own.

Hack Squat

Designed with all users in mind, the oversized foot plate allows several different foot positions for safety and workout variety.