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Nautilus® invented the entire modern strength training category 50 years ago, and we have been reinventing it ever since. We never innovate for the sake of fads, bells or whistles but to provide a fitness experience that naturally fits human movements. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Benches and Racks

2-Sided Olympic Weight Tree

4-Sided Olympic Weight Tree

45° Adjustable Back Extension

Accessory Rack

Adjustable Abdominal Bench

Adjustable Decline Bench

Barbell Rack

Beauty Bell Rack

Decline Bench Press

Dip Station

Flat Bench

Glute Ham

Incline Press

Leg Raise Dip

Multi-Adjustable Bench

Nautilus Double Dumbbell Rack

Olympic Bench Press

Power Cage

Pull Up Dip Leg Raise

Seated Preacher Curl

Single Dumbbell Rack

Squat Rack

Standing Preacher Curl


Stretch Bench

Triple Dumbbell Rack


HumanSport Arm Crunch

HumanSport Freedom Trainer

HumanSport Lat Pulley

HumanSport Pull Lift

HumanSport Shoulder Chest

HumanSport Total Delts

HumanSport Total Legs


Impact Abdominal

Impact Abductor

Impact Adductor

Impact Biceps Curl

Impact Chest Press

Impact Chin Dip Assist

Impact Deltoid Fly

Impact Deltoid Raise

Impact Dip Machine

Impact Incline Press

Impact Kneeling Leg Curl

Impact Lat Pull Down

Impact Leg Curl

Impact Leg Extension

Impact Low Back

Impact Low Row

Impact Seated Leg Press

Impact Shoulder Press

Impact Standing Calf

Impact Tricep Extension

Impact Vertical Row


Inspiration Abdominal Machine

Inspiration Adduction Abduction

Inspiration Back Extension

Inspiration Biceps Curl

Inspiration Bilateral Arm Curl

Inspiration Chest Press

Inspiration Deltoid Raise

Inspiration Dual Adjustable Pulley

Inspiration Glute Machine

Inspiration Lat Pull Down

Inspiration Leg Press

Inspiration Pec Fly Rear Deltoid

Inspiration Seated Leg Curl

Inspiration Seated Leg Extension

Inspiration Shoulder Press

Inspiration Triceps Extension

Inspiration Vertical Row


Instinct 45­° Back Extension

Instinct Ab Bench

Instinct Adjustable Abdominal Decline Bench

Instinct Biceps Curl

Instinct Chest Press

Instinct Dual Abdominal Lower Back

Instinct Dual Adjustable Pulley

Instinct Dual Biceps Curl Triceps Extension

Instinct Dual Inner/ Outer Thigh

Instinct Dual Lat Pulldown/Vertical Row

Instinct Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Instinct Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise

Instinct Dual Multi Press

Instinct Dual Pectoral Fly/ Rear Deltoid

Instinct Dumbbell Rack 10-pair / 2 Tier

Instinct Dumbbell Rack 10-pair / 3 Tier

Instinct Glute Press

Instinct Lat Pull Down

Instinct Leg Curl

Instinct Leg Extension

Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench

Instinct Olympic Flat Bench

Instinct Olympic Incline Bench

Instinct Rotary Torso

Instinct Shoulder Press

Instinct Triceps Press

Instinct Vertical Row


Leverage Biceps Curl

Leverage Chest Press

Leverage Decline Press

Leverage High Row

Leverage Incline Press

Leverage Lat Pull Down

Leverage Low Row

Leverage Shoulder Press


Multi-Station 14 Station

Multi-Station 5 Station

Multi-Station 9 Station

Multi-Station Cable Crossover


One Abdominal Crunch

One Abduction and Adduction

One Biceps Curl

One Four Way Neck

One Lat Pull Down

One Lateral Raise

One Leg Curl

One Leg Extension

One Leg Press

One Low Back

One Mid Row

One Pec Fly

One Shoulder Press

One Triceps Extension

One Triceps Press

Plate Loaded

Plate Loaded Angle Leg Press

Plate Loaded Freedom Rack

Plate Loaded Glute Drive

Plate Loaded Hack Squat

Plate Loaded Incline Lever Row

Plate Loaded Smith Machine

Plate Loaded Tilt Seat Calf


Nautilus Half Rack with Platform

Nautilus Power Cage