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70 years have passed since the Swedish founder of Tylö built his first sauna heater. We are proud of our heritage - solid traditions in craftmanship, profound knowledge and Scandinavian legacy. And passionate about providing high quality sauna experiences, with traditional sauna, steam bath and infrared warmth. The genuine sense of bliss that characterizes our saunas cannot be found elsewhere. When you are investing in a Tylö product, you are not only investing in a product, you are also investing in your health. Years of development, experience and a relentless strive for perfection has lead us to where we are today. Masters of providing relaxation year after year, for you and your health.


Corner Shower Curved

Corner Shower Straight

LED downlight

Ruben Sky LED

Steam Door 101

Steam Door 50 G

Steam Door 60 G

Steam Guard

Steam light A

Straight Shower Wall

Design Line

Panorama Sauna

Passion Sauna

Sensation Sauna

Simplicity Sauna


Evolve Plus GC Sauna Cabin

Evolve Plus GF Sauna Cabin

Evolve Pro Sauna Cabin

Evolve Sauna Cabin


Impression Bench

Impression Sauna Cabin

Impression Sauna Corner

Impression Twin

Steam shower Impression i130

Steam shower Impression i170


Infra Panel

Sun S Bellevue

Sun S Chateau

Sun S Cottage

Sun S Palace

Sun S Pavillon

Sun S Residence

Sun S Sain

Sauna Heaters

Combi Compact


Expression Combi

Sense Combi

Sense Commercial 8/10/12 kW

Sense Sport


Sauna Heaters Pro

Sauna Heater SDK/SD

Steam Cabins

Panacea steam bath

Steam bath Elysée

Steam bath Excellent

Steam Generator

Steam Commercial 9/12/15 kW

Wood-fired Stoves


Karhu V/VV

Saga 20